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My name is Vicky

I am a Healing & Empowerment Coach dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey of self-development, self-care and self-love. Discover the power within you to nurture meaningful family connections and cultivate thriving relationships. Begin your path to personal growth and empower yourself. Get started today!

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About Me

I believe that we all as human beings have an inner power, an inner power of love. I am a messenger of love, and I’m here to remind you to embrace who you truly are, and to teach you the right ways to connect with yourself and to help you find inner strength and confidence.

My purpose is to guide individuals into establishing what they really want in life and assisting them in tapping into themselves and accessing that existing inner power, which helps in finding inner calmness, happiness and success in achieving goals.

I provide private, group coaching and workshops, and give tools on how to remove limited beliefs that are holding us back in life and from being our true authentic selves. My mission is to help you reclaim your true self through advanced teaching methods and tools .

My Areas of Expertise in coaching:
Inner-Healing - Authenticity - Self-Love - Growth © Freedom - Inner Work - Enlightenment - Wisdom - Intuition - Inner-Confidence - Peace - Relationships - Happiness - Alignment - Self-Worth - Breath-work - Trust - Higher-Self - Consciousness - Inner-Guidance - Boundaries - Awareness - Connection - Balance - Goals - Affirmations  - Wholeness - Forgiveness

Stavroulla Kalotychos

I've had the pleasure of knowing Vicky for quite some time now, it has been not only an honour but a blessing in disguise. As well as watching and experiencing her own transformation, which made me really believe in her methods and the type of work she does, it has also made her an amazing coach. I've been fortunate enough to also have her help me on my own journey of self healing, both by attending her seminars and some one on one coaching, and her teachings have made an immense impact on my life. Throughout the years of soul searching and seeking answers, her approach and guidance has been  most effective and has really helped me changed my inner dialogue which has in turn increased my self esteem and confidence levels. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with the concept of self love

Andria Constantinou

Vicky is a great listener and an amazing life coach! I found her to be very empathetic and professional throughout our sessions together. My work with her has truly helped me go forward with my life and I have made some major changes. She has a versatile tool box that help gain clarity no matter what challenges arise. I have found a deeper awareness in my every day life and I am also more conscious of my thoughts and words That I choose to use. As I always say to her ‘cover me in sunshine!’❤️

Kristy Agapiou

We could all do with a workshop and coaching from Vicky. I think she is one of the most positive people I have met. I have learnt so much from her even from back at the age of 12 when she had her modelling and acting Ageny.
Some of the key tools she has taught me I carry with me in my life till today, as a model and in my career.

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